All of our websites are hosted on our client only web server.

We can you have your new site up in 24 hours!

We are fast! We have designed a system and software that allows us to get your site from start to finish in one day.

You'll Get A Professional, Feature Rich Website Fast

On Our State Of The Art, Client Only Dedicated Servers

Our servers our setup and managed exclusively by MyWebsiteFast. The benefits of this are faster page load, security is managed by us and only a limited number of clients on each server. Your data is secure, backed up daily and constantly searched for security breaches. The cost for even some of these features would easily exceed our monthly Premium Hosting fee of just $60.00. No surprises. Guaranteed uptime of 99.999% and unlimited free email accounts for everyone in your organization! Welcome the best hosting value you'll find anywhere.


Simple Hosting Pricing

Our pricing is simple and straightforward. $60.00 a month for every single hosting feature available. When you start comparing features and prices be sure you don't just look at prices. Here's why: Website hosting companies typically use a "bait and switch" philosophy. They entice you with an unbelievably low price as either an introductory price or with many features not included. Here is the biggest issue; you don't really know what features are important and necessary and which ones are worth the extra charges. When you start adding additional features as add ons your monthly price quickly starts increasing.

One huge benefit to our Premium Hosting is that only our clients are on our server. Most companies often have literally thousands of websites on one web server which is not good for your visitors, your website performance or page load time.

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