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Your Customers

Connect. Communicate. Convince.

Sep 10, 2016

Business owners, large and small, fight hard every single day to find new customers and keep the current customers happy and coming back. Customers are people too. They have very busy lives: bills, kids in school, life and relationship challenges that change regularly. And many have demanding jobs or businesses of their own. Our customers forget […]

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DIY Websites….What you don’t know

Sep 10, 2016

  They seem to be everywhere. DIY web builders. Drag and Drop Builders. Templates and EZ Builders. Whatever the name it really is the same. Wix. Squarespace. weebly. Jimdo. Go Daddy. IM Creator. These are just a small handful and they literally have millions, yes millions of customers. So with “free”, Do It Myself, Drag […]

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