Hosting Contract

Your MyWebsiteFast Hosting and Customization Agreement

MyWebsiteFast a Qualified Technology Company

This is a month to month agreement between you and MyWebsiteFast for website set up and monthly hosting services. This agreement defines the terms of quality of service, what is expected and what is provided. No other terms, written or implied will be honored or enforced unless defined in this agreement.

Definition of Terms:
Client: Client is meant to be you as a single business entity and one single domain. Your business may have several domain names and web hosting accounts but each domain name will be treated as a separate client and hosting agreement. Each separate account, even if it is under one business name or corporation will be billed each at the current rate as an individual account.
Initiation: The initial website build will be at no cost to the client. The build is defined as: one (1) home/landing page, one (1) contact page, one (1) product/services/blog page, and one (1) about page. The total build out time is not to exceed four (4) hours. Any additional time will be discussed with the client beforehand and charged at the current hourly rate.

Hosting Provider: Qualified Technology will be the hosting provider for your website and web related content. Qualified Technology assumes responsibility to set up, host and maintain the computers and servers necessary to allow your website to be visible to the public. Setting up your domain includes transferring from a current registrar (the organization that currently manages your domain name address) or setting up a newly purchased domain name to our web servers. As the web server host we will configure and maintain your name servers, DNS, set up email accounts for your domain and the backend configuration to allow you to edit and add content (hereafter referred to as CMS –Content Management System). We provide no content for your website as the hosting provider.

Content: Content on your website is defined as anything that goes on your website to be viewed, interacted or consumed by web viewers. You are solely responsible for the content that is on your website. You are responsible for providing all material and content for your website. This includes but is not limited to written content, photographs, videos, blog posts, artwork, audio, customer information, form data and copyright information. This does NOT mean that we do not add the content you provide us to the CMS. We DO provide the custom code to display your content and be certain that it displays and interacts as intended/designed.

Payment: Payment for hosting in this agreement is paid in advance. Your payment is due upon receipt of invoice and all balances due within 10 days of receiving the invoice to avoid suspension of hosting. You will receive a monthly invoice and statement of your account. This invoice is to serve only as a reminder to pay for the upcoming hosting fee by the due date. Forms of payment are cash, check, all major credit cards and online payment through the invoice. Any account not paid by the due date is subject to suspension and a reconnection fee of $60.00 plus the current past due amount to reactivate and reinstate the hosting service and account.

Customization: Customization of your website includes any work on your website that does not include initially setting up your domain name to our web servers. This includes but is not solely limited to configuring and maintaining your name servers, DNS, set up email accounts for your domain and the backend configuration to allow you to edit and add content to your website. Examples of customization will include but not be limited to: photography, photo galleries, slideshows, logos, written content, blog posts, custom creation of plugins or code to make your site integrate or connect with other sources or itself including social media accounts, forms, page creation, design or layout, payment gateway and merchant account set up or integration. Our customization services are available at the current rate of $75.00 per hour and are to be paid as billed.

Cost and Term: We only offer a Premium Hosting Service which includes server hosting and one hour of customization. The terms are month to month with no long term contracts. There are absolutely no refunds of hosting or customization. As indicated in the “Payment” inclusion above, all fees are paid in advance before any services are activated for hosting. Customization can be billed monthly up to your predefined credit limit. Customization services cannot be performed if an amount surpasses the predetermined credit limit on your account. You will receive a statement indicating the amount due and amount of credit available on your account each month. This does not extend your payment due date. Premium Managed Hosting is $60.00 per month. Customization services are $75.00 per hour. All website hosting accounts and website customization are payable by invoice. You will receive a statement reminder at least 10 days before the next payment is due.

Dispute or Refunds: All hosting fees are nonrefundable. No exceptions. Should Qualified Technology Hosting servers not be available to host or display your website content we reserve the right to credit your account for the outage as divided by your total monthly hosting fee. We are not responsible for other costs or loss by the outage. If you have a dispute regarding how your services are being fulfilled or offered you are required to contact us to resolve the issue.

This Agreement for Web Hosting Services and Customization of web content shall be between MyWebsiteFast and you.

Domain name transfers are subject to an annual fee and fees are nonrefundable. Once your domain name is transferred you may have a waiting period of a minimum of 60 (sixty) days to transfer to another registrar. All domain names we register for you are registered in your name not ours and you are solely responsible for maintaining future contact information for the registered domain name. MyWebsiteFast will remain the technical contact for the domain name registration until you either transfer to another registrar or inform us in writing that you no longer wish for us to provide the technical maintenance for the domain name. You are responsible for forwarding all emails regarding the domain transfer from the current registrar to Qualified Technology and/or MyWebsiteFast. You understand and agree that we cannot perform any hosting for your domain until the transfer of your domain name to us is complete. MyWebsiteFast will be responsible to start the domain name transfer process and you should receive emails regarding the transfer. You agree to give us permission and authority to act on your behalf to set up and register the domain name in your personal or business name. If you do not currently have a domain name registered you authorize us to purchase a domain name listing you as the registrant and MyWebsiteFast as the technical contact for the domain name registration.

All customization work for your website will be paid by invoice. Should the invoice not be paid as agreed, your website that contains the requested customization will be suspended. You agree and understand that no customization work shall begin until the agreement has been reviewed and signed. You agree to the terms listed in this agreement regarding customization of your website.

By signing this Agreement for Website Hosting and Customization you agree to the terms and conditions within. No other terms or agreements will be honored, either spoken or implied unless specifically written and signed by both parties including an officer of Qualified Technology. You understand that this is a month to month contract term for web hosting only. This release authorizes Qualified Technology to host your website and you agree that you are either the owner of the domain name and the content to be hosted or agree you are the authorized person to do so.

You agree that you do not hold Qualified Technology or MyWebsiteFast responsible for the importing or exporting in partial or whole of the web content to be moved to the Qualified Technology web servers.

If your content does not display correctly or data is not available, including pictures, images, data, layout, functionality or customized code or scripts, you do not hold Qualified Technology or MyWebsiteFast responsible to restore or setup.

Should you request MyWebsiteFast to correct any issues, including but not limited to, restoring data, customizing scripts or code, rebuilding your content or designing new, you will be charged at the current hourly rate. Our current rate is $75.00 per hour and is subject to change without notice.

By signing and dating this agreement you agree to the terms and conditions within. You agree to provide all necessary information in a timely manner and shall RELEASE, INDEMNIFY, AND HOLD HARMLESS Qualified Technology and its affiliated companies, its officers and/or employees from and against any claims, demands, actions, liens, rights, subrogate or contribution interests, debts, liabilities, judgments, costs, and attorney’s fees, arising out of, claimed on account of, or in any manner predicated upon by Qualified Technology, MyWebsiteFast or its affiliated companies and the distribution of electronic or media exchange including but not limited to Internet based transactions and copyright information, even where that loss, damage, personal injury or death is caused or contributed to, in any manner by Qualified Technology or MyWebsiteFast supplied services, its hosting services and all other related services or its affiliated companies or employees.

Every client's needs and requirements are different. As an additional measure to protect your budget we require that you set a maximum spending cap monthly. This ensures that we will never perform more customization than this budget without prior signature and authorization by you or your company Point Of Contact.